Injection Moulded plastics are now a feature of almost every functional component of automotive manufacturing. The versatility of the process allows production of high quality parts at higher speeds.

DWA's automated capabilities combined with its superb engineering produces some of the best plastic products available in the market

Plastic Injection :

Setting new standards in production...

  • Fasteners
  • Side Mouldings
  • Spare Tire Covers
  • Emblems(ABS)
  • Fender Liners(PPF)
  • Door Visors
  • Side Mirror Covers
  • Front Grilles
  • Undercovers
  • Grille Air inlets
Plastic Vacuum Forming :

Providing solutions in modern technology...

  • Interior/Door Trimmings(PP)
  • Scuff Plates
  • Aerokits(ABS)
  • Spare Tire Covers
  • Inner Liners(HDPE)
  • Lower Pad Instrument Panel (PVC/PP foam)
  • Pillar Covers
  • Seat Belt Slotted Pillars
  • Power Switch Covers
  • Flairings
  • Skid Plates
  • Luggage Trays