• To be sustainable World-Class automotive component maker, that is 100% Indonesian based, most competitive in Asia Pacific Region.
  • To be an expert in developing value adding solutions to enhance the life-cycle of our customers products and provide comfort to the end users.
  • To have the most excellent manufacturing operations in Asia Pacific Region with highly competent and innovative team members.
  • To be a company that is well respected and preferred by customers and society.

To continually add value for all stackholders;
by implementing the following strategic actions;

  • Create a work environment that is clean, organized and safe from all danger.
  • Achieve 100% zero detect outflow and 100% on-time delivery.
  • Continually improve profitability by optimizing productivity and eliminating unnecessary cost.
  • Create and maintain a culture that respects and appreciates one another. A culture that never stops learning and continuosly improves on the human capability.
  • Always have contingency plan and flexible startegy.
  • Be environment and regulatory responsible.